Problems with Extruder loading from MMU2  

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Hello all,

I upgraded my MK2.5S to MMU2 a few days ago and have had an issue with extruder.

On a first run (freshly trimmed filament tips) everything is fine, but as soon as a filament is fed to the extruder a second time my extruder motor struggles to feed the filament down to the hotend and immediately returns it to the MMU2 unit. On inspection I can see it is due to the slightly larger tip formed on the end of the filament.

I found someone on a reddit forum with similar issues. He was suggested to print a collar to hold the PTFE tube in place on the heatsink. I did that but without success. In the process I checked the PTFE tube opening but found no issue. Also tried with varying tension on the extruder idler.


Has anyone experienced this issue, and if so what have you done to fix it?

All filaments are regular PLA with varying temps between 195 and 205C

The only filament not causing trouble is the Hatchbox Wood PLA, I suspect it is softer than regular PLA.



Posted : 28/07/2020 9:46 pm

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