MMU2 install and MK3S+ upgrade at same time  

Bill Devlin
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Are there directions to install the MMU2 and do the MK3S+ upgrade at the same time.  What I am seeing is taking apart the Extruder to do the MK3S+ upgrade then tear it apart again to do the MMU2 install.  Not to fun sounding....

Posted : 01/01/2021 2:17 am
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Short answer: No.

Also: Upgrading the printer first and making sure everything works properly and then upgrading it with the MMU makes troubleshooting -and most probably there will be trouble to shoot - way easier....

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Posted : 10/01/2021 3:04 pm
Bill Devlin
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Well I have 3 screens on my computer. Put on each screen the mk3s+ build, the mk3s - + upgrade, and then the mmu2s install. Step thru all 3 in the same order being able to use the upgraded part in the process. Worked very well and had no problems. First print went with 2 interventions. Second print took 1 intervention. 

Posted : 10/01/2021 4:28 pm

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