Tips printing igus iglidur J260 filament?  

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Hello, anyone had any success printing the iglidur J260 filament? I have a big problem getting the filament flow out when it should and not when it should not. The printer starts printing, there is nothing coming out, then suddenly the filament starts flowing, the printing stops and the filament keeps flowing for many seconds. This is reproducible even when controlling the extruder manually. I tried every possible temperature from cool to way hotter than recommended, cleaned the nozzle, reduced the speed to minimum, no luck.

Getting the first layer to stick is another problem but that one looks that it coud be solved with some more trying.

I tried to google but did not find anything of any help.


Posted : 09/06/2020 4:07 pm
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Know it's a old post, but I think a got the J260 to work.

I tried to print a new TR8x8 lead screw nut and also had a lot of problem.  

And a ton of stops right after the start when I so a problem.

But now I'm getting this.

Sure the nozzle still looks really bad after the print

So what I had to do to get it working was.
First Settings, i can't add any config file so I add screenshot

You need to heat the nozzle to 280 and let the filament flow out, till there is no more coming out.
Now clean the nuzzle.

Then start your print and just let the nuzzle get dirty. It's still prints ok for me.

Hope this can help you or someone else that fins this post later on 🙂

Posted : 02/05/2021 4:11 pm

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