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Consistent Extrusion Issue  

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Consistent Extrusion Issue

I originally posted here:
I haven't received any feedback on that yet; as far as I can tell it appears to be a unique issue; in addition to what's posted there I have flashed firmware redid the wiring of the hotend (as that was the thing I changed).

The problem is super consistent; if you look at those images in the link the problem is consistent (IE almost the exact same spots will have the extrusion issue); I almost wonder if it's new problem in triggering the y-axis sets it up to be so consistent (like it is a problem that happens every 20 seconds or something and when it grinds up against the y-axis endstop it syncs it up) but I don't understand why it is so consistent and why effectively it occurred after I changed out the hotend only. If I get no feedback here next weekend I will probably try to replace the heater and then maybe thermal sensor... but I'm kind of at a loss (it seems electrical; but it seems even more controller but I also don't understand why it affects only certain aspects and so consistently)

Posted : 07/09/2020 5:36 pm