Z axis layer adhesion fail  

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Hello, Has anyone had any issues with layer adhesion when the print reaches approx 40 mm above the bed? I tried re-calibrating all of the axis', but it did not help. I checked the tightness of all the nuts and bolts of the system. As the printer reaches about 30 or 40 mm above the bed, it seems like the nozzle gets clogged and the extruder starts to skip, but then it stops skipping. It happens more often when I'm printing a small column(3-4mm). Any ideas on what is going on here?

Thanks Jim G

Posted : 20/10/2019 12:40 am
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When you unload filament after a jam: take a photo of the stub at the tip and post it.

It is always wise to get more than one opinion......
Posted : 23/10/2019 7:50 am

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