Y-Axis Overstepping  

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Hello all,

I started my i3 MK2 up today to run some prints, and at first everything was working fine. My bed adhesion was bad though so I cleaned off my bed and applied a new layer of glue-stick to support better adhesion. After doing that, when the printer homes and performs meshbed compensation, I keep getting an error that the z-probe didn't trigger and to clean the nozzle and what not. My nozzle is clean, the print head didn't crash - it just dives like its going to probe for z, and then stops and throws an error on the fourth probing point. I've had this happen a couple times in the past and usually if I rerun a Z or XYZ calibration or just turn my printer off for a bit the problem will solve itself. 

This time, however, it continued to throw the error when I ran my Z calibration. Looking closer, I can see that when the printer is probing the first 3 probe points everything looks good. I can see that the z-probe is pretty well centered on all of the little probing circles, and it triggers no issue. When it moves to the fourth point though (first point in second row) I noticed that the z-probe is no longer centered on the probing points - it's now shifted deeper into the y-axis by 5-7mm. If it were shifted in the opposite direction, I would just assume that my y-motor is skipping because of some mechanical issue like a bad bearing or a belt issue or something; but it's shifted deeper into the y-direction, which would imply that my printer is moving the y-axis too much. I don't know how that could be possible unless a firmware setting was changed, but there's no way that happened. Can anyone advise? My printer is sitting idle and unusable at the moment and that does not make me a happy camper.

Thank you in advanced for your help!

Posted : 11/06/2020 1:41 am

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