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XYZ Calibration - Where am I off?  

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XYZ Calibration - Where am I off?

- personal video, no sound, free to share especially to help with this problem.

It used to work, but now some things are off.  As an ol computer geek I blame me first, so please help me figure out what I did wrong.


Posted : 20/06/2021 2:09 pm
Frans Krau
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RE: XYZ Calibration - Where am I off?

The Pinda is not finding the first point.

Did you changed anything?

From the maximum height the prusa calculates what the distances should be above the bed. The it calculates from the Y stop the Y distance. It searches the first point with the pinda according to these two figures.

Reasons of fault could be:

Pinda or pinda cable broken, check if the pinde reacts on metal (led go's on/of). Pinda and cable oke?

Check the distance between Pinda and bed. Distance oke?

Check the Y distance, of the bed. If Y distance is not oke, the bed moves (calculated from the Y stop) a wrong distance and the pinda is not above the first point. Change the Y distance with the nuts of the frame.

Let us kwow if this helps




Frans Krau
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Posted : 21/06/2021 8:49 pm