Bed tilted, mesh bed leveling failure on lowest point
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Bed tilted, mesh bed leveling failure on lowest point  

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Bed tilted, mesh bed leveling failure on lowest point


I've had my mk2 work flawlessly for a while now. Recently the PINDA sensor collided with a failed print (my first ever with this printer, really), snapping the arm which holds it in place. I replaced the extruder body part and reassembled the extruder. The PINDA sensor still works (In 8 out of 9 of the test points, it auto levels great, and triggers as expected during the manual end stop detection). 

I moved around the axes and what I realize is that the back right corner is at least a millimeter lower than the front left corner (the home corner). Attached are pictures of the Z=0 point for both locations. I took a level to the print bed and confirmed that it is indeed tilted towards the back left corner, despite my table being level. I also notice that the middle (in the X axis) of the print bed seems to be a bit higher  than the extremities: when manually moving the extruder across the print bed, the nozzle is closer to the print bed (touching, but not digging) than on the two outsides (very close but perceptibly off the print bed). 

This problem is only now appearing after I re-assembled the extruder. The PINDA probe seems to register every point except the last one in the back right corner. 

Posted : 05/12/2021 8:21 pm
RE: Bed tilted, mesh bed leveling failure on lowest point

Have you run the Z axis all the way to the top so that both X axis ends stall against the Z top stops?
to make sure the X axis is perpendicular to the Z axis?

regards Joan

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Posted : 05/12/2021 8:32 pm