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Z axis fail  

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Z axis fail


Muzete odpovidat cesky.


Hi guys,

out of nothing, right between two prints, my printer MK2S told me that the Z-axis calibration failed (error message before print attached in a photo - in Czech). I disconnected and connected the PINDA probe, I checked its function with a metal screwdriver (when a metal object approaches, the PINDA turns off the red LED) but everything seems fine. If I try to do the Z calibration by itself, it behaves kinda weird. The left points are calibrated normally, but the middle and right points are somehow skipped by the printer (check out the video). Then I checked whether the cable is not disrupted while the head is on the right side of the bed but as you can see at the end of the video, the PINDA works even on those locations. No idea what is going on. I also tried flashing the firmware in case it’s a software bug but no results. I’m literally lost. Any ideas? Do you think it could be the board problem? The PINDA?


I will appreciate any advice. I really really need to print right now. 🙁


Thank you!


In case the attached video is not working, youtube link here:



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RE: Z axis fail

Is your X axis level? I have had some issues after working on the printer and moving the z axis forgetting to level them and then having issues calibrating. If you go into the calibration section and do z calibration it tells you to move the z axis up all the way, don’t worry about it crashing into the top it is supposed to do that to get the axis level. If you have done this go through the setup wizard in the calibration menu which will do the self tests and re-calibrate the machine.

Posted : 09/05/2020 10:42 am