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Powder coated sheet for MK2S  

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Powder coated sheet for MK2S


is there any way how to get powder coated sheet on MK2S? I know there's nothing official from Prusa as they stopped selling the 2.5 upgrade kit but I wonder if there's some solution that I could put directly on the smooth PEI surface. Unfortunately I missed the 2.5 upgrade and I'd like to be able to print on textured surface.

Thanks for help.

Posted : 16/03/2021 8:57 pm
Matthew McHarg
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RE: Powder coated sheet for MK2S

I bought a powder coated sheet off Amazon.  It is for the Mk 2.5/Mk3 series.  However, looking at the size, it is a couple of mm longer in 1 dimension.   I got some magnets to put on the bottom of the heat plate to hold it on.  It should come in a few days, I will try it then, and report back. 


Posted : 17/03/2021 12:33 am
Frans Krau
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RE: Powder coated sheet for MK2S

I mounted magnets under the heatbed, made some sheets out of steel and used PEI from prusa and buildtalk on top of it. After that I ordered a powder coated sheet from prusa, and this works also great. The prints pop off great 🙂 No more damaged PEI sheets, mice ears, etc. I use it now for more then 2 years. Very happy with the mod 😀 😀 

If you want more info, just let me know


Frans Krau
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Posted : 29/04/2021 8:50 pm