MK2 unable to print details  

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So I've been trying for some time now to get my printer to print the Moon City model in it's full glory, but it keeps making spagetti out of the small columns on the central tower that support the roof, and the columns around the mushroom type central hall near the front of the model. after starting the columns, at some point they are ripped off (don't think they get knocked...) and from that point on, it's spagetti all over. As it reaches the roof of the mushroom hall, it corrects, but then the same issue occurs at the big tower. It keeps making the same errors.

I tried lowering the print speed at these points by up to 30%, I tried the PrusaSlicer layer-edit-thingy to give it more detail at these points to try and decrease the layer thickness but so far this hasn't worked... I included a couple of pictures to show the result, what else can I try to get this print to work? 'Cause this is getting old, quick. Wasted half a spool of PLA and several days on this trying to get it right. Sorry about the orientation, I can't seem to convince the uploader that they are rotated...

Posted : 09/12/2020 8:42 am

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