XYZ calibration failed. Front calibration points not reachable

XYZ calibration failed. Front calibration points not reachable  

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I think I may have found an error in the calibration manual.

I was attempting to "improve" my bed alignment, and managed to do just the opposite.

When I got the calibration message "XYZ calibration failed. Front calibration points not reachable.", the advise is as follows.

XYZ calibration failed. Front calibration points not reachable. Even if the printer moves the table to the end Y end stop, the PINDA probe cannot reach the front row of the bed calibration points. Move both left / right Y threaded rods in the Z frame away from you.

I think in this situation the correct correction is to move the Z frame towards the front, and not away. Moving it away move the front puts it even further from the probe.

Or am I missing the obvious here?

Posted : 03/12/2016 9:17 pm
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I have a tendency to agree with you...


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Posted : 03/12/2016 9:50 pm
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It's just worded strange. If you move the Y-Axis threaded rods away from you it will bring the z-axis forward.

Posted : 04/12/2016 4:19 am
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After spending about 1 day (on and off) with support, it was a semi faulty PINDA probe. 
My printer could still print fine but just XYZ calibration failed with point not found at point 4.

Once I received the new PINDA probe, XYZ passed.

Posted : 15/02/2020 2:53 am

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