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Thermal Runaway and Shifted Prints  

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Thermal Runaway and Shifted Prints

Running first prints on MK2 which I just upgraded from a kit I purchased a few years ago.  After all the calibrations and self tests are completed I am reasonably certain all configurations **should** be setup correctly.  I performed xyz calibration, self test, and z calibration with V2Calibration.gcode all tests pass and first layer seems to be laying down correctly.  I am running Simplify3D with the fff files provided by  and attempting the 3dbenchy boat as my first test.  I realize the fff files start for the MK2S but not the MK2 but I figured they may be close enough (please clarify if my assumption is wrong)

Soon after the print started I received a Thermal Runaway error on the LCD screen.  I watched it soon after perform a shift and my test print was ruined! 🙁

I looked up the Thermal Runaway error and found this article which indicated that my thermistor was probably problematic from the factory considering I purchased my kit a couple months prior to Oct 2016 when Prusa said they fixed the problem. 

Anyway that is my story and I am seeking help with understanding how to compensate for the shifting and thermal runaway issues so that I can start printing reliably. 

Posted : 12/04/2020 10:30 pm
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RE: Thermal Runaway and Shifted Prints

What are the fixes for this situation? This is an issue I am concerned about!

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