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Hyperfine bed leveling?  

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RE: Hyperfine bed leveling?

Looks like memory served me badly. The necessary code is G87

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Posted : 13/09/2019 1:46 pm
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RE: Hyperfine bed leveling?


Did anyone resolve this question about PINDA and temp-compensation?

I have an Mk3s with nylock mounted bed, and even though G81 reports the bed to be level within 0.01mm my first layer is still not even across the whole bed.

Does the bed level correction work on Mk3s?

Posted : 22/10/2019 10:33 am
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RE: Hyperfine bed leveling?

Also are you using a PRUSA textured sheet as there is something else going on here, with the PRUSA textured sheet, I get variation in the bed levelling and no amount of tweaking can eliminate it, yet put on a thicker FYSETC sheet with smooth PEI and I get such a flat first layer, it's hard to believe it's the same printer!, not the slightest twitch from the Z axis screws.

Whether it's inconsistent surface texture thickness across the sheet, ot magnetic breakthrough due to the thinner steel sheet, I don't know, but something is definitely causing variation in the first layer using the PC sheet.

What I do now is (I fitted springs to all the screws around the outside of the bed) level the bed up perfectly using the FYSETC steel sheet (I have one with nothing stuck to it) with the print bed at printing temperature, in my case 90 Deg since I almost exclusively use PETG.

I use a spreadsheet which tells me exactly how many degrees to turn each screw cw or ccw and I repeat until level.

Get it all level then when happy with the thicker steel sheet, swap to the PC sheet and adjust live z to suit and accept the slight undulation across the bed, I won't get it any better and I'm not wasting any more months (Yes months) trying to get this perfect.

Like I said, FYSETC sheet, perfect flatness, no movement of the Z rods, swap to PC sheet and it's all over the place with the Z axis screws twitching and turning during the first layer (After adjustment to Live-z to allow for the thickness difference).

I'll see if I can re-work the spreadsheet as it has some issues, I did not create it but should really bring it up to date and give it a nice interface automating all the clunky manual steps I am doing to make it work. I can't remember where I got it from, but hopefully the author left his name etc in it so that I can credit him/ her for their work, and I'll post it on the forums.

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Posted : 22/10/2019 3:10 pm
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RE: Hyperfine bed leveling?


I have an MK2.5s and I guess I'm kinda lost, will the v3.81-RC found here work on my printer or do I need to use an older firmware?

Posted : 08/11/2019 2:27 am
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