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[Solved] Hiatus - First Print troubleshooting  

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Hiatus - First Print troubleshooting

Hey guys,

Bought this Mk2 a while ago, put it away enclosed away from all the dust.

Anyone able to provide feedback why my prints are like this?


  • I started printing for a short period, then work got too hectic and put the printer away, i'd have 10-20hrs of printing at most.
  • 3D printer is built from a kit (2016) and is not pre-built.
  • I'm on the latest firmware and using the latest slic3r.
  • All calibrations from the start were performed and passed on the first go.
  • Presently waiting on my MK2.5S upgrade.

Problem 1:

I have filament oozing out of the nozzle while it's heating up, which then eventually curls.

What is the normal situation here I am expecting? Does the filament just shoot straight down rather than curl up?

  • Also how long does it take to heat up usually? (Suspecting hot end is heating up too slowly), please chime i'm i am merely brainstorming why this is happening.
  • I've cleaned the nozzle (as instructed in the manual) in the past (2016-2017 period) but curling still happens now (2020).

Problem 2:

My prints keep detaching. I suspect that my first layer is not flat enough, as I see gaps.


I have read through other bad first layer posts and have cleaned the sheet with 100% Isopropanol, then with a soap and water wash.

Correct me if I am wrong but i'd need to drop the Z-axis to fix this.

First layer, outer boundaries of 2nd layer lifted

First layer 

Print detaches

Corner appears to have been printed incorrectly or is beginning to detach?

Close up of first layer of print


I'd love to get back into it with corona virus and all. Appreciate any help and advice.


Posted : 01/04/2020 12:22 pm
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RE: Hiatus - First Print troubleshooting

Firstly the oozing when the printer is heating up is normal and depending on the amount of ooze (not sure of the correct term) I find it will either fall down or sick to the nozzle. For the temperature try PID calibration. And your first layer is far to high.

Posted : 12/05/2020 7:02 pm