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Filament can't be unloaded  

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Filament can't be unloaded

Hi all,

I was trying to unload some PLA filament to change colours, but the unloading didn't work, even when pulling pretty hard. 

I proceeded to remove the tension screws and open the door next to the extruder. There were some small sawdust like flakes, which I brushed away. However, there is no sign of a clog there (the filament extends downwards into the white PTFE tube).

After this I tried to heat the nozzle to 260 degrees Celcius and manually push the filament out, but no filament oozed out of the bottom. While it was at 260, I inserted the given hypodermic needle into the nozzle from the bottom. It goes pretty much the entire way in.

I'm very confused now; and now I have a length of filament sticking out the top of the extruder that seems determined not to go anywhere any time soon. Also, because the filament is still stuck inside, I can't exactly jam a wire or other implement down the filament tube, as other posts I've read have suggested.

Do I have to disassemble the entire hotend? Please help!

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Posted : 13/02/2020 4:22 pm