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Splits in Prints  

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Splits in Prints

Hi All
Hopefully someone can answer this problem for me. As shown in the pictures the top of the print appears not to be printing properly. I have tried re-calibration of the printer and first layer height, which appear to be fine. The printer is a Prusa Mk3 2.5s, this has been upgraded from a Mk2. I upgraded the software recently and had all manner of problems, so re-installed the older version which appeared to work okay. However, the machine worked fine previously. and does not seem to now.

Any help would be appreciated.

Upgrade firmware was 3.8.0

Re-installed the following Firmware: 1_75mm_MK2-RAMBo13a-E3Dv6full.hex

Posted : 31/03/2020 4:39 pm