Continued "some problem encountered, Z leveling enforced"...
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Continued "some problem encountered, Z leveling enforced"...  

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Continued "some problem encountered, Z leveling enforced"...

I'm frankly at my wits end with this. I hope there's an answer to this dilemma... I had switch from the regular bearings to the plastic bushing type things and was thinking that's perhaps an issue for my continued error when the Prusa MK2.5s I own would do the preprint mesh bed leveling. So I switched back to the bearings. I had extras so they're new, even. But I keep getting the error. Both smooth z axis rods are firmly in their holes, no wires are routed in abnormal ways, both x axis ends make it completely to the top of the z axis when prompted for xyz calibration. Even putting a bubble level on the x axis smooth rods shows that it's level. But time and time again, I'm unable to print because it's some how assuming the z axis is out of whack, I assume... 

I've got a bondtech extruder and running the firmware for that, currently... But was having this issue on the latest prusa firmware as well. Even on the bear extruder I was trying out before switching to the bondtech extruder. Other than the extruder all bits are stock (having been put back in place of the mods I made trying to work this out). But the z leveling enforced error is always on the 3rd point, the front right, with it pausing after the second (front centre) for a moment before going to the third. Also, perhaps related, when doing a xyz calibration, it stalls on the rear right point with 'cannot find calibration point' or something to that effect. The z axis issue has been happening before that, I believe. 

Other things I've checked, done: I've made sure the vertical frame is attached to the bottom frame evenly, both slots are pressed in and snug against the threaded rod. the feet are all solid on the surface it's sitting on and no wobbles or rocking. all axis' seem to move freely and smoothly. When I scroll the z axis to the top as requested and it starts over, it makes it to the 3rd point on the bed and does the same thing

would the print bed error be caused by this? if it's been warped somehow or is that doubtful? 

Posted : 27/01/2020 7:34 am
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RE: Continued "some problem encountered, Z leveling enforced"...

I am having the same problem.  I just finished upgrading from MK2 to MK2.5S.  Ran the calibration wizard and everything passed with slight skew on the xy plane.  Did the z offset print and then loaded my first gcode.  During the table leveling test, the rear left corner failed and gave me the forced z height calibration.  Did that and same thing kept happening over and over.  

I then decided to rerun the xyz calibration and at point 3 it fails to locate calibration point, rear right corner.  I tested the Pinda and confirmed it is good.  From what I can tell, when it runs the search for the calibration point, the screen printed circle on the table is just barely captured for the first 2 points and at the 3rd point the Pinda is totally past it.  The calibration is searching beyond the 250,210 location but the screen printed circle is at 240,200.  I don't know what else to do and could use some advice.

Posted : 05/02/2020 1:53 am