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SuperPinda on MK2.5S  

Chicago Keri
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SuperPinda on MK2.5S

This thread is to discuss using the new SuperPinda on Prusa MK2.5/S .

Having noticed the latest firmware on my MK2.5S supports SuperPinda, I set about obtaining one.

Installation is like installing a Pinda2, except that the Y-harness is no longer needed IF one switches the 4-wire connector housing for a 3-wire connector housing as on a Pinda1. This tidies up the installation somewhat. Or, just plug it into the Y-cable like a Pinda2.

So after installing the SuperPinda and changing the setting for SuperPinda to "ON", I set about testing it on a long and narrow print that has always had first layer issues. With a 300mm x 10mm footprint, it only fits on the bed diagonally and usually takes several tries,  a full warm up, a bed cleaning and fine tuning the first layer height to get it to stick at all, then half the time it gets elephant foot and often warps . As I have printed well over 100 of these over the last 2 months, a lot of time and filament was wasted.

With the SuperPinda installed, enabled and calibrated, this notorious print came out perfectly on a "not-freshly-cleaned" bed started from cold with a very nice first layer. Considering that the Pinda2 worked fairly well, it's amazing what effect the relatively small increase of precision has made.  

I'm sold!  The SuperPinda is a most worthwhile upgrade for a MK2.5S.

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