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Prusa MK2.5 - Overall Impressions?  

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Prusa MK2.5 - Overall Impressions?

I'm currently building/upgrading my MK2S to the MK2.5.

Question - What does everyone think about the upgrade? Worthwhile? I haven't seen much feedback from the users. Curious about speed, consistency, quality, easy of use.

Are there any features found on the MK3 that you really wish you had on the MK2.5?

Posted : 14/07/2021 6:42 am
Chicago Keri
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Impressions of MK2.5s


Having upgraded my MK2s to a MK2.5s I have some impressions…  

The upgrade is well worth the effort. The biggest improvement is the magnetic bed. Other improvements are the larger and quieter 40mm hotend (left) fan that is speed-sensed, the better Pinda 2, the filament run out sensor and that the extruder can be upgraded to the latest MK3s type.

The firmware is also kept more current than the MK2s, with many of the features of the MK3s, including compatibility with SuperPinda.

 The MK2.5s has every feature of the MK3S that its older hardware, particularly the MiniRambo, can support. The quieter stepper drivers / switchless homing, better frame structure and power failure protection are about the only things lacking.

 The weaknesses are largely due to advancing age of components and the lower voltage/ higher current 12v power which has been known to melt connectors as they age.

Before upgrading your MK2, take a good look at the MiniRambo power connection terminals. If any are melting, it might be wiser to move on to a MK3s.

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