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Pre-order pricing and exchange rates next year?  

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Pre-order pricing and exchange rates next year?

Currently the forthcoming PRUSA XL is being advertised  with a total price and a pre-order booking amount.

Is this price fixed or variable based on the exchange rate at the time it is shipped?, I would guess it is variable.

Then there is the deposit:

Now as an example, If for example I pay in currency X which for instance equates to euros   100X = €100

and next year, the value of X say becomes 100X = €50 which suddenly makes the printer twice as expensive as when I ordered it so I don't want to order it any more and want to cancel my order.

Will I be refunded what I paid in ?, 100X or the value €100 which would now be 200X.

Which would mean PRUSA just made €50 for holding onto my money.

If it were the other way round 50X= €100, then my 100X deposit will not be worth €200, but €100 as that is all it was worth when I paid the deposit, so I lose €100.

Hmmm, think I'll wait see.


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Posted : 24/11/2021 10:17 pm