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replacing RAMPS 1.4  

Denis Digula
New Member
replacing RAMPS 1.4

Hi to all!

My RAMPS board have a bad resettable fuse for a heatbed and it was quicker to buy new RAMPS board instead to order fuse. Would it work if I just put old stepper drivers (and everything else, of course) on a new board, or I will need to program it again?



Posted : 09/08/2021 11:50 am
Clemens M.
Prominent Member
No programming necessary

Using a Ramps board means - there is an Arduino (for example a 2560 Mega working as microcontroller) ==> if you only change the Ramps board there should no programming of the Arduino board be necessary. Ramps has no own micro-controller.

Best regards, Clemens

Posted : 19/08/2021 9:45 pm