Replacement stepper motor drivers  

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Hey guys so I have a problem with my prusa i3 mk1. I recently replaced my Ramps 1.4 and when I reinserted my stepper motor drivers, I accidentally put one in backwards. From what I could tell I fried the driver, so I went to replace it. I bought a pack of DRV8825's because they were cheap. After I inserted them into the z and y axis locations, I went for a test print. The print failed spectacularly. From what I could tell it almost seemed as if the z axis wasn't moving as much as it should have and caused the print to compress causing failure. I did not touch any software with the drivers. Am I supposed to calibrate the drivers? Is it not a good idea to mix and match drivers (2 different kind of drivers running the board)? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted : 09/11/2019 11:40 pm

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