Print head hight in move ?  

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Hi Guys,

I am having a little problem with one of my prints that has a tall 'support' structure under a dome.

During the print, as the nozel head moves accross the print to start its next deposit of plastic, it is catching the top of the supports.

Is there a setting that i can adjust to raise the print head, just a fraction when it is moving ??



Posted : 18/11/2020 10:45 am
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Its called Lift Z in PS and is configured under the Printer profile in the extruder section.  I think the mini is configured to use a 0.2mm Lift Z by default.  Increase that to 0.3 or 0.4.  You don't want it to high as it does impact how long it takes to complete a print.

It can also be configured on a per filament basis by enabling it from the Filament Overrides page

Posted : 18/11/2020 12:56 pm
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Thanks so much, will give it a try on the next print


Posted : 18/11/2020 12:58 pm

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