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Plain PET  

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Plain PET

I've accidentaly ordered 3 spools of plain PET (not PETG). When I select PETG when loading filament, it purges at first, but then, when I try to do for example first layer calibration, it doesn't print and seems like it got solid in the nozzle.

When I ried to change filament to PLA again, it also was a problem, because it was still stuck in the nozzle. I had to unscrew the bowden from hot end, manually heat it to 270 or so and push the PLA by hand to finaly push it out.

One idea I have is to select ABS when loading filament, because it seems to have higher temperatures. But I didn't tried it out.

Next thing is, there aren't any PET presets in Prusa Slicer. So, should I also try to select ABS presets, or should I just select PETG and ramp up the temperatures a bit?

So in conclusion, can I print with it, or should I better resell it to someone with different printer and more experience?

Posted : 18/03/2020 8:13 am
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