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I have a Mini and a Mk3 I printed one part on the Mini that was to fit on top of another part I printed on the Mk3 and the two parts did not fit together right. Went back and reprinted the part I printed on the Mini with the Mk3 and the parts fit fine. So it looks like my mini is printing items underside or smaller than they should be. How can I fix the mini to print the part the right size?  Thanks

Posted : 29/07/2020 3:29 am
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Not really sure, but I see in your text, that MK3 is not printing same as Mini. Which is obvious, as those are two different 3D printers, different calibration. Have you measured the prints and compared with computer models ?

I had to redo all my 3D models, cause Mini prints way better and accurate then my older 3D printer.

Posted : 29/07/2020 7:40 am
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