Lithophane print lifting off Bed  

Valady Nagarajan
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[caption id="attachment_75226" align="alignnone" width="600"] Lithophane printed on Prusa Mini[/caption]

Posted : 27/02/2021 11:36 pm
Valady Nagarajan
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I have been having difficulties printing flat lithophanes on my Prusa Mini with PLA material. Print lifts off bed in the middle of printing as shown in the above picture. PLA filament print with 10mm brim, zero offset of brim from the print. Nozzle Temp 220C; Bed 60C. First layer prints perfect with a Z offset of -0.650.

The same lithophane sticks on Bed, well with PETG at 240C and Bed 85C. However there is some stringing with PETG.

All advice and recommendations are welcome.

Posted : 27/02/2021 11:42 pm
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I'm not sure if elefatns foot compensation could be interfering with the brim. Try setting it to 0 as well.

Other then that i could only try to thurougly wash the buildplate and try again.

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Posted : 28/02/2021 8:36 am
Dan Rogers
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Lay the print down flat.  Problem solved

Posted : 01/03/2021 3:04 pm

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