Blobs and lines on outside of a cylinder; MINIi+, PETG

Blobs and lines on outside of a cylinder; MINIi+, PETG  

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Any thoughts on what we be causing this? It is more noticeable when printing a cylinder. Happens on all models and prints.

  • Prusa Mini+
  • Prusament PETG
  • PrucaSlicer 0.20 Quality settings


Posted : 12/04/2021 3:03 am
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looks like the seam (blob while jump to the next layer). To be sure in prusaslicer change the seam from  Nearest to Rear or Aligned, if all blob are aligned then it is a seam.

other than this  try adjusting it by "retraction on layer change"  in printer settings or in filament overrides.


Posted : 12/04/2021 11:51 am
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But don't hold your breath. On round objects where you can't hide the Z seam you're always going to have artifacts where the nozzle has to move up to start the next layer. Unless you can print the object in vase mode. 

Posted : 12/04/2021 3:33 pm

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