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X-axis binding in one direction  

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X-axis binding in one direction

While printing my Mini sudensly started to make really strange noises, like one of the motors was really struggeling to move. When I tried to move all axis manually, I realized that I can move the X-axis easily to the left but I need a lot of force to move it to the right. Sometimes it moves freely for a little distance but then starts binding again.


To me it sounds like there is something blocking the motor, but why only in one direction? Is there a giude how to disassemble the X-axis components?


Any help is really appriciated. Thanks in advance

Posted : 10/12/2020 3:37 pm
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RE: X-axis binding in one direction

Sounds like you need to lubricate the bearings on that axis. It’s unlikely to be the stepper motor but it’s very common for bearings that aren’t lubricated to do what you describe. 

Posted : 10/12/2020 3:54 pm
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RE: X-axis binding in one direction


Thank you, I will definitely do that I was just confused, that the axis is moving fine in one direction.

Posted : 10/12/2020 10:41 pm
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RE: X-axis binding in one direction

Also be sure to check from any wires that may became tangled or anything that blocks the way. Probably the bearings but you never know.

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Posted : 20/12/2020 2:20 pm
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RE: X-axis binding in one direction

I believe I have had this issue too. Take a look at the X-axis bearing seals, for me one sort of bent inward when pushed in one direction and out in the other, this caused a binding issue. I ended up buying and replacing the bearing and it did the trick. However this issue showed up again a few weeks ago for me. I disassembled the X-axis and looked at the bearing and it can be seen in the picture below. Taking the bearing off and putting it back on the rods it seemed smooth again but I replaced it again since I bought extras anyway. I noticed when taking apart the x axis I could take the free end of the x axis and twist it fairly easily, when I put it back together and tightened everything it was much more rigid so I suspect that I didn't tighten everything down enough the first time I replaced the bearing and the x axis was able to twist itself just enough to mess up the bearing seal. Hopefully this issue does not reappear for me, I also lubricated everything to be on the safe side.


Posted : 20/12/2020 4:51 pm