X and Y axis resonating noise  

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Hello, I have Prusa MINI with printed aprox. 30 hours and while printing, the X and Y axes are making "resonating sound". I checked srews and belts and everything is tightened properly. 

Does anybody face this problem?

The video of printing:

Thank you for your help

Posted : 04/08/2020 7:25 pm
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Mine sounds the same, not always but I think depending on the speed its moving.

Anyhow, I just started to live with it, but would be interesting why and if something can be done. Have you already asked Prusa support?

Posted : 17/08/2020 1:44 pm
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Mine sounds the same, sounds worse at high speeds and repetitive movements. I've narrowed down the loudest sound to the X axis bearing at the end of the arm (floating side). I've ordered a few extra bearings from Prusa since It's starting to sound pretty nasty and would probably need replacing eventually. I think I'll also oil the bearing when I have time. FWIW loosening the tension on the x axis belt helps reduce the sound.

Posted : 18/08/2020 2:29 am
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I found the resonating sound to be due mostly due to the vibrations transmitting to the surface of the printer. You can test it by putting it on the floor and check to see if that solves the issue. I printed these: https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/34936 and my printer is near silent now. The loudest parts is the retraction and cooling fan now.

Posted : 18/08/2020 3:09 am
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when i press on the electronic box the sound stop.. I guess it must be because of the surface it stands on. 

Posted : 19/08/2020 5:42 pm

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