Unloading filament - it gets stuck every single time
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Unloading filament - it gets stuck every single time  

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Unloading filament - it gets stuck every single time

Hello, I just got my new Mini+ (I decided to have the assembled model instead of the kit this time).

Loading filament is a great feature, but all the headache starts when unloading filament. I only used Prusament filaments with this Mini+ and the issue is that when I select unload filament, it gets stuck on the extruder section, most of the time. So what I have to do is to disassemble the extruder to find out the filament stuck in there. This is really frustrating.  Sometimes, after the unloading process, I can pull the filament, but I really have to apply force, a hard pull, then I hear some crack noise and the filament comes out. 

Why is this happening? I like the automated filament load/unload, but did I get a lemon printer ? or is there a way to adjust it so the filament does not get stuck on the extruder?


Thank you

Posted : 15/08/2021 2:36 pm
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This trouble is a combination of extruder design (which is pretty basic), tension lever setting (is guess & try thing) and filament scrubs that collect on grab gear over the time (also related to tension lever setting).
Because your Mini is new, I think it's enough if you try to adjust tension level. If that doesn't help, then take extruder apart and check filament path in detail.

Mini+ with Bondtech upgrade & modified firmware...
Posted : 15/08/2021 3:47 pm
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If this is a new, fully assembled printer than take the issue to Prusa Support.

Log into your Eshop account, navigate to support and live chat is at bottom right in most browsers. If not you may need to disable your ad-blocker temporarily.


Posted : 16/08/2021 3:32 pm
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