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Probing failed on left side  

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Probing failed on left side

When I try to print, during the bed leveling stage, at some point on the left side it will try to push the head a good way through the bed and then tell me “probing failed” and stop.

Posted : 17/01/2021 12:23 am
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RE: Probing failed on left side

I would think your probe to too high or defective.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 17/01/2021 4:23 am
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RE: Probing failed on left side

I received my new Mini + today and i am having the same issue. Assistant is fine, selfcheck is good. First Benchy is flawless with amazing printquality. However I wasnt sure about the bed perfectly level.

When i trigger a mesh leveling it starts to check points, but the printer in this mode does not do the 4 x 4 measurements but it tries to measure 4 times with bigger distances on one X-Axis. This leads to the pinda probe being next to the bed, while the nozzle is on the edge of the bed. When going down to measure the nozzle is pushed into the printbed. This happened twice to me, while trying to level the bed two times. I am really scared to try it a third time... It seems there is an issue in the leveling rountine.

Posted : 22/01/2021 11:19 pm