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Printer extruding filament passively  

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Printer extruding filament passively

Hello so I have been using my Prusa Mini for a couple of months and I realized that recently, I have been experiencing a lot more stringing than I have before. The cause I think is that my printer passively extrudes filament, for instance, if I just leave it heated it creates a line like the one shown in the photo, and this happens at the end of every print as well. I haven't really found others having this issue and want to know how I can fix it. Thank you.

Filament passively extruding when printer is left heated

Posted : 15/06/2021 3:13 pm
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RE: Printer extruding filament passively

Nothing unusual here. It's just oozing. Filament in the nozzle/hotend melts when left at high temperature and leaves the nozzle. You can try to mitigate it by turning temperature down to say 170 or 160 when you're idling between prints. 

Simply grab any strands of filaments oozing from the nozzle with needle nosed pliers before you start a print or unload the filament. 

Posted : 15/06/2021 3:49 pm