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Poor Extrusion Mid Print  

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Poor Extrusion Mid Print

After brief tuning I had 3 week of near flawless prints printing with Hatchbox PLA 0.2mm layer height with the default settings.
Then I started having issues with over extrusion seen in photo 2 that turned into extrusion stopping and the extruder slipping.
After taking apart the hotend checking for issues and putting in a new 0.4 nozzle and reassembling slippage issue when away and I was left with over extrusion. So I disassembled the extruder, cleaned any debris from the gear and reassembled.
Picture 1 shows prints if I cut the default print speeds in half. Photo 2 shows prints running at default print speeds from Prusa's profile, it starts great and then begins having issues mid print no matter what model I print at this speed.
I have triple checked that I didn't change any other settings and now I am out of ideas why it won't print with the Prusa profiles.
Any suggestions or thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you.

Posted : 03/03/2021 1:50 am