Mini x-axis self test fails  

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My mini has been working well for some time now - I had a good print this morning. But now it is having problems on the x-axis. The 16-point calibration often clusters several points together along the x-axis. Sometimes, even if I use Settings --> Move Axis --> Move X, it thinks it is at 180 when it is in the middle of the rail, and I cannot dial it to go any higher (i.e to the right). I tried the self-test, and it failed on the x-axis. The most recent time, it scrolled all the way to the right, all the way to the left, and then back to the middle before failing. (I don't know the expected behavior.)

I notice that when I power the machine off, I find it is much easier to move it to the left than to the right by hand. I have powered it off and on several times.

I have double-checked the electronics to see that the plugs are in solidly, as per instructions. (They are.) I also uploaded firmware version 4.2.1.What do I do next to help resolve this?

(Disclosure: For some time now I had a light mounted on the upper-right side of the x-stepper via a magnet. It had not caused a problem for some time now, and I have had good prints with it there, even recently.)

Posted : 02/01/2021 4:39 am
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During a print, my X-Axis was stuck in the middle of the bed. My X-Axis failed on Self-Test and checked the wires. When moving the X-Axis, it would only move from 160-170. If I physically move the X-Axis carriage, it was hard and rough. Upon disassembly, I verified the Linear Bearing on the X-Axises was smooth. Then upon inspection of the X-Axis Stepper Motor, I found that one of the set screws for the belt gear had came completed out. I put the set screw back and tightened both set screws. I re-assemble the printer, had a few hiccups but I got it to Self-Test successfully. The first layer test was good. Was able to print again. Then I started to have issues with the X-Axis losing its placement. I am currently considering put thread locker on the set screws and look for the procedure for alignment and tensioning of the X-Axis.

Posted : 08/01/2021 5:48 pm
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I got a new mini but after couple of prints the x-axis self testing is falling. During x-axis test it get stuck in the middle of x-axis and does not move all the way to left. The belt seems tight and clean. How can can this issue be fixed? Thank you. 

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Posted : 09/01/2021 7:31 pm

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