Mini Firmware Will Not Update  

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I am at my wit's end here as to why the Mini firmware will not update, and I am hoping that somebody can help me out. My Mini is currently on 4.0.5 and I am trying to get it updated to 4.1.0. I have download the firmware both directly from Github and from Prusa's driver website (separate sticks and separate attempts. I have reset it with the USB in and tried from within the menu, nothing is working. Other then this issue it is brilliant and I love it, please help.

Posted : 29/07/2020 12:01 am
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Do you mean it is not giving you the option to flash the new firmware? Try this: as you reset the Mini with the USB in, when the first screen comes up, double click the scroll wheel. This is how you get it to recognize a previous version of firmware (if you wanted to downgrade), but maybe it will help in your case.

If that fails, maybe roll back to an older version (or re-flash 4.0.5) then try and update again.

Posted : 29/07/2020 6:29 am
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Posted : 29/07/2020 8:54 am

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