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Help! Extrudate not sticking to bed  

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Help! Extrudate not sticking to bed

My mini is about a year old and has been working flawlessly.  I have produced over a hundred items using simple default settings. 😊 

Today, after some weeks of non-use, I experienced this:

Cleaned bed with IPA and printed a simple, black rectangle as per lower item in image below.  There was some lifting on the left corners. but the print was useable.

Immediately started printing a second, identical item and it would not stick to the bed at all.  Purge line was normal.  Found a large ball of PLA around the extruder.  Cleaned extruder.  Tried again but no joy.  Changed filament from black to red, cleaned extruder and bed, but still no joy.  The last attempt is the red mess shown in image below:

Bottom half of image was cropped off by ??, but I hope you get the idea of how it looks.

Any and all help appreciated.

Posted : 13/06/2021 11:23 pm
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RE: Help! Extrudate not sticking to bed

That image sure looks like you Z offset is off.  I would say it is too high.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 14/06/2021 10:35 am
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RE: Help! Extrudate not sticking to bed

You are correct,  cwbullet

I did a first layer calibration and adjusted from -0.887 to -1.445 which is on the verge of "too low", but it does stick!

Thanks for your help 🙂 

Case closed...

Posted : 15/06/2021 12:08 am