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Filamet stucks in Extruder  

J.P. Ryll
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Filamet stucks in Extruder

Hej Hej,


When I start printing after un- and loading filament, it will print for about 1 minute and then the filament stucks at the extruder. 


I git this problem many times, tried another Nozzle and reload the filament so many times.

does anyone have an idea why? 

It will stuck at the end of the small PTFE-tube at the inside of the extruder. The melted filament gets up in there (see pictures)

The Gears are geting a bit louder and they will produce a  "bite" in the filament.

I hope there is someone who yould help me.


Many Thanks

for this picture i pushed the filament a bit from the side of the spool.

The result of the Z-Axel-correcting-wizard

Posted : 25/04/2020 10:17 am