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Enable M500?  

Freddy Ulvseth
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Enable M500?

Hi, in the next firmware, could it be possible to enable to save to eeprom with M500?
I have some esteps settings i would like the printer to remember. 

Posted : 25/06/2021 6:08 am
RE: Enable M500?

Which printer is this problem affecting? 

this worked on My Prusa

changing the E steps to enable a 3:1 gearbox on the extruder

regards Joan

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Posted : 25/06/2021 10:35 am
Freddy Ulvseth
New Member
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RE: Enable M500?


I have a prusa mini. 

Posted : 25/06/2021 10:41 am
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RE: Enable M500?

For these kinds of requests, the appropriate place to post is the Github issues on the Prusa MINI firmware repository on Github. I don't think Prusa employees browse the forum much.

There is already an issue concerning M500 (specifically in the context of the Bondtech extruder mod).

A Prusa employee (contributor?) seemingly confirmed that a hidden menu for that should be implemented eventually. Josef Prusa eventually commented on this too. No news about this for a while though. I'm personally watching that issue (which will send me an email whenever people continue discussing this) and will consider a possible Bondtech extruder upgrade when this is resolved.

Posted : 25/06/2021 1:27 pm