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autohome on my i3mk3s is fine when i run calibration wizard  it fails on xyz calibration at the point  where you put the papper on the heat bed. the second pic shows where the pinda sits at that point. it goes back to normal whenever I select autohome , how can i fix this I have had this printer for 4 years and no problems with this untill now



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Posted : 20/06/2021 10:43 pm
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RE: calibration

Did you perform a new update recently?  Any other changes?  

Chuck H
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Posted : 21/06/2021 1:55 pm
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RE: calib

no the nozzle started digging into the print so i stopped it and noticed it moved the pinda up a little bit so I reset the pinda and started an xyz calibration and that is when it started


Posted : 21/06/2021 9:54 pm