After power outage, first layer never smooth

After power outage, first layer never smooth  

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Recently, I had a power outage and after the printer was restarted the first layer was no longer smooth, but had small grooves.

I ran the First Layer Calibration Wizard, ended up having to lower the nozzled a little bit, had a smooth square patch at the end of that.

The first layer of subsequent prints are still coming out rough.  It looks as if the nozzle may be too close.

Anyway to fix this so I don't have to try and guess  the right Z offset with each print?

Thanks in advance.


Posted : 25/08/2020 6:11 pm
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If you think it's too low then raise it a bit. You can adjust live Z during print, it does not remember your value?

Posted : 26/08/2020 12:51 am

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