Tucab PLA 3D850 locking/clog on initiating print
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[Solved] Tucab PLA 3D850 locking/clog on initiating print  

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Tucab PLA 3D850 locking/clog on initiating print


I am on my 2nd KG printing of Tucab PLA 3D850 ( I have an unchanged MK3S) and I started to face locking/clog on initiating a print.

Resolutions that I always get success are:

  • only moving filament on extruder 1 to 2 mm back and then resuming printing while on brim phase (not failing print session)
  • raising temperature to 260ºC/270ºC getting pouring a bit of material, then revert temperature to prints definition (220ºC~230ºC)

So, in the end is common to resolutions getting some space between end of filament and nozzle exit avoiding to have extruder servo sending too soon the filament away into nozzle.

Already read some posts for same issue (except resolution 😉 ) writing about that this 3D850 seems to get some weird state, like crystallizing, inside nozzle after a print finishes and all system get cooled down. Btw, on those posts resolutions were changing several parameters, like temperature, distance, retraction, and in most of the cases issue got back...

In the past for this clogging situations I did maintenance on cleaning for better cooling and in certain cases replacing nozzle (twice replacing a nozzle with just 2Kg work). As a result I am doing cleaning maintenance more frequently, and so current nozzle has more than 10Kg throw it.

So I am postponing any nozzle replacement... maybe I am betting wrong... 🙄 

For now my problem is that the resolution seems valid excepts it needs hand action at a precise moment, not so much easy, my questions to you after also sharing my experience is:

  • If you got the same, how did you resolve?
  • What's the best solution on G-Code to have such moving back of the filament embedded while generating G-Code with PrusaSlicer?


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Posted : 24/08/2021 11:15 am
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RE: Maintenance Care Love Maintenance

Did found API got G-Code, played with it, but result was always the same, but then something weird with 1st Layer tuning...


1st Layer tune was near -1.5mm and seemed also not stable which lead me to look on PINDA.


Actions that actually provide success

* Nozzle replacement

* PINDA was not tight

* Configuration Wizard for calibration



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