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Octolapse and phone compatible video  

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Octolapse and phone compatible video

Hey Guys,

I use Octolapse - Video attached. For some reason the video it outputs won't play on mobile phones. Has anyone else had this, and know of any known good settings to get the videos to play on mobile phones?


Posted : 04/12/2020 2:33 pm
Buxton The Red
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it's mpeg2 video

That video is in MPEG2 which is old, inefficient, and most relevantly not universally supported any more.

I can't see how you managed to select that in the current version of Octolapse. Maybe in Octoprint's main "Webcam & Timelapse" settings, in the Advanced Options section (slightly hidden at the bottom) you have got it set to "mpeg2video"? If so, try changing that to "libx264". I'm not certain that Octolapse is influenced by that setting, but I couldn't see anything else more-likely in Octolapse's own settings.

Otherwise, maybe you have created a new Rendering Profile in Octolapse and set "Rendering Format (Codec)" to MPEG in there? Try selecting one of the default profiles like "MP4 - 30 FPS".

Posted : 16/07/2021 12:29 am