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Designing toolpaths with Grasshopper  

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Designing toolpaths with Grasshopper

Has anyone tried the methods described in "Advanced 3d printing with grasshopper Clay and FDM" by Diego Carcia Cuevas and Gianluca Pugliese ?

i.e. programming custom tool paths in Grasshopper (generated outside the standard Slicer software)?

What would be the introductory G-code to get the printer ready for printing along a custom tool path with MK3S+, PLA and 0.4mm nozzle? The book gives a breakdown of basic G-code structure, and advises to look at a G-code file for your printer in a text-editor to work out the necessary intro part, but when I do this for a file generated with PrusaSlicer for a basic geometry, the file is really long and hard to know where I can paste custom code for my object.

Any advice appreciated!

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Posted : 17/09/2021 8:40 am