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Controlled/Step-wise Mesh bed Leveling  

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Controlled/Step-wise Mesh bed Leveling

I have modified my heat beds (MK3s and Minis) so that only the center attachment point has a fixed standoff to the underlying superstructure. The fixed standoffs of the surrounding 8 attachment points have been replaced with compression springs so that they can be individually and easily adjusted by removing the build sheet for access to the recessed flat head screws. When a mesh bed leveling operation is underway, individual readings occur at the 9 (or 16) locations, but are displayed only momentarily before moving to the next location. These readings are helpful in making adjustments to the screws, but I have to scramble to make a diagram and write down the values as they go quickly by. Can there be a setting or option/preference in the firmware/calibration procedure wherein the measurement at each calibration point is displayed indefinitely until the control knob is pressed, allowing it to move to the next location? Sort of a semi-automatic procedure. Alternatively (if display space allows) a "table" of the values for all points is displayed at the conclusion of the routine. Is this the sort of thing I should make a request to GitHub for?

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Posted : 06/07/2020 4:14 am
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RE: Controlled/Step-wise Mesh bed Leveling

Yes this is the sort of think that a github request is for.

I don't know if its supported on the mini but its possible to save the mesh data on the mk3 and access it via serial, its this method that the Octomesh plugin uses to generate its height map,  and I believe it can be read back using something like printerface too.

I dont know the specifics but I do know its possible.

Posted : 06/07/2020 7:58 am