I’m impressed ....  

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First prints are impressive.

Posted : 18/04/2021 8:09 pm
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Enjoy your new printer! Coming from the Mk3S I was surprised how much I'm liking the Mini.

The only upgrade I would wholeheartedly suggest is the Bondtech dual drive extruder (or the Trianglelab clone, which is what I own). Doesn't do much if anything to improve print quality but it's not sensitive to the right tension on the idler screw the way the the original extruder was. Never had to adjust the screw, while it was a daily chore for the Prusa extruder, lest I get under or over extrusion or ground up filament... (I should say that I change filaments all the time).

Posted : 18/04/2021 9:03 pm
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Posted by: @eirlink

First prints are impressive.

Pretty nice prints.  Enjoy!

Chuck H
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Posted : 18/04/2021 11:08 pm
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