How to set a default temperature for a filament on the printer (Not the PrusaSlicer)

How to set a default temperature for a filament on the printer (Not the PrusaSlicer)  

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I'm part of the clogging-club for the Prusa Mini. Whenever I'm not using Prusament, I get clogs quite fast, extruder clicking and I need to clean the gear that push the filament very often (like very). I've read the post that explain how to exit that nightmare with hot ends dissambly, chafing the PTFE tube, clean pulls, have fun with my caliper, etc. This take some time (I will follow those instructions soon I hope) and as some other have found, using a higher temperature seems to work (for filaments other that the Prusament or Prusa).

Ok. So, when I purge the filament or when I want to run the first layer calibration, the Prusa Mini is using its default temperature value for the filament that was used when it was loaded (PLA, PETG, etc). Well my PLA (Sakata 850) seems to work at 245-250 degree (without clogging). As you expect, even if I have defined the filament in the Prusa Slicer, the Prusa firmware is attempting to purge at 170 degrees. As you guest, it clogs and I need to clean the gears. Setting a higher temperature manually before purging does not help as the firmware proudly wait to be back at 170 degree. The First Layer Calibration is the same.

I found a way to "hack" the Prusa Firmware by clicking on the "Change Filament" and select PETG then cancel the action. Prusa Mini then thinks that PETG filament is loaded and now sets the temperature to 230. But it is not enough. I could do the trick for higher settings (260 degrees), but these seems too high (stringing festival).

Any idea how we can define a filament temperature on the Prusa Mini Firmware for those actions (Purging and First Layer Calibration)?

Note: I know how to define a filament in the Prusa Slicer with a specific temperature and I know it is possible to change the temperature when the Prusa is printing. It does not seems possible on the Purge or First Layer Calibration actions.

Let me know if you have a trick.

Happy Clogging Printing !

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Posted : 09/05/2020 11:11 pm
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Was thinking of an altogether different form of clogging.

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Posted : 10/05/2020 2:38 am
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Yeah. Sorry about that, English is a second language.

Still, Am I the only one with that issue? 

Posted : 10/05/2020 7:15 pm
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Yeah, I'd like to change the purge temp. for flex filaments.. the default one makes it drip all the time v_v

Posted : 14/06/2020 10:31 am

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