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Filament will not come out of nozzle.  

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Filament will not come out of nozzle.

Sorry new to 3d  printing.  All was fine printing using one of two small PSA filaments that came with the printer.  As it ran out on first print.  I unloaded what was left, and then loaded the Prusa PSA filament I had bought with the printer.  Now during calibration the filament hardly comes out. I have purged, unloaded the filament, respliced it, then reloaded it.  Again i get the same problem when calibrating with the filament.  What do i do next?   I have tried to read the help menu.  I really do not want to take apart the printing head unless i really need to - done this already one and used up about 3 hrs taking apart and putting it together.  3D printing has to be easier than this.

Posted : 05/07/2021 7:00 am
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RE: Filament will not come out of nozzle.

Hi Jelena,

I can fully understand your frustration. For first time 3D printer owner, 3D printing usually isn't that smooth as expected. There are few reasons for that: printer not assembled properly, lack of experience and finally, 3D printers aren't that perfect yet.

If filament doesn't come out of nozzle (or amount is too small), the reasons can be: hotend temperature too low, nozzle (or heatbreak) is clogged or extruder fails to feed filament.
In your case, I assume there's clog/jam in hotend and so you will probably need to take it apart and clean. If that's true, then you probably wonder how come this happens after printing only few items? Well, one reason comes to mind.. hotend is not properly assembled.
My personal note for assembly procedure: I skip the Step 16 in the manual. Instead, I insert PTFE tube into heatbreak, insert all together from below and then tight those three screws while pushing hotend upwards.

I hope that was of some help

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Posted : 05/07/2021 9:05 am
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RE: Filament will not come out of nozzle.

If you have developed a partial clog -- and it happens to everyone eventually -- read up on doing a cold pull. This is a simple procedure to pull any crud out of the nozzle and hotend that might not melt out through the nozzle normally. It's a good basic maintenance step. I do one every time I swap nozzles.

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Posted : 05/07/2021 3:10 pm