E-step calibration  

Marout Yasuo Sluijter-Borms
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The mini underextrudes quite a lot.

I did some E-step calibration and generated a more appropriate value.

However; the mini keeps going back to the original hardcoded value.

After a reset and even a z-axis calibration, my improved E-step value is gone.

How can you adjust M92 Exxx and make it permanent?


How can I do a first layer calibration with adapted M92 Exx value?

Posted : 31/08/2020 7:19 pm
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Someone has already answered your question in the other post you made about this problem. You can't store the value, you need to include the setting in the start g-code section in your slicer software.

Posted : 31/08/2020 7:57 pm
Marout Yasuo Sluijter-Borms
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Yes, but it makes the first layuer calibration utter useless because that procedure also resets M92 Exxx

Posted : 31/08/2020 8:08 pm
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Please explain your issue ?  Basically you have to add all your modified values that arent being stored to the start gcode section of your printer profile in Slicer.  Once you have modified that section and made sure its working you save your modified profile as a new printer profile (as you can not save over the defaults).
Then you just slice using that printer and everything is set to what you want.

Posted : 31/08/2020 8:17 pm
Marout Yasuo Sluijter-Borms
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That is indeed what I did. I followed a thread on the use of the bondtech extruder.

However, if you use the printer's own first layer calibration, this is done using the stock values (wich differ almost 2% from ideal in my case)

So the calibration is useless IMHO

Posted : 31/08/2020 8:53 pm

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