DOA Buddy Board will not drive Extruder Motor  

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     Just received my mini a few days ago after ordering on the 17th of Oct. I was bummed when I tried loading filament and it just wouldn't go. The extruder motor would never engage when commanded either via a task like filament load or manually in the settings menu. I performed the troubleshooting steps in the guide and what I found online with no fix. Then I decided to swap the Y axis and Extruder plugs to eliminate the motor itself. When swapped the Y axis would no longer move but the extruder would move, meaning the buddy board is faulty. I looked for any obvious signs of damage and tested for shorts on the board with no luck. 

     I have contacted Prusa support and they are issuing a new buddy board after confirming my results. The process seems a bit ridiculous as they are sending me a label to send the bad board to them first and upon receiving it they will then send the new board. So I imagine it will be quiet some time in transit before I have a working printer. Sorry this came out to be a bit of a rant but a little frustrated. I still enjoy Prusa products and understand they're working as diligently as possible to produce these printers and other items in a timely manner especially given the current circumstances. I suppose my question to the forum is two fold ... Has anybody else experienced a faulty buddy board? and What has been your experience for replacement parts on the Mini? I ask mostly because I'm curious if maybe there's a fix or solution I have not thought of and also what are the wait times for replacements parts as the wait time for the printer itself was rather long. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you. 


Posted : 14/03/2020 7:29 pm

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